Follow-up to the follow-up……mystery solved!

I was remiss in not answering many of your comments to the post “strange happenings at the beach…follow-up.” I just didn’t have anything to report. Now I do. The enigma of the beached creature is resolved. It turns out that a full-blown version of the beast washed up on our beach this morning. It is a Cownose Ray or skate..

The one I photographed earlier apparently had been caught by fishermen who promptly took off the “wings” and left the carcass to rot. There is much controversy about the use of these wings to produce “fake” scallops. Circles are punched in the wing to produce scallop-like food. The taste is apparently very similar. The FDA claims it has no proof that this is done, but I take that with a grain of salt.

Anyway, below you may view this magnificent creature: