Resolved, in 2018, I will………

1. Write a post every day (unless it interferes with my naps.)

2. Never discuss politics on my blog (unless some fool doesn’t agree with everything I believe, in which case it becomes my duty to educate them.)

3. Continue to show every courtesy toward by fellow bloggers (unless their posts make mine look dull, forcing me to secretly unfollow them until their writing eventually falls down to my level.)

4. Do my part in the ongoing fight against direful climate change by only breathing on alternate days.

5. Increase my cultural awareness by reading all the classics, and I mean every last book that Dr. Seuss has ever written!

6. Keep up both my mental health and physical health by thinking about working out every day!

 7. Finally take responsibility for training my dogs instead of the other way around. To begin, I will set an example for them by no longer jumping on and licking guests when they come in the front door.

8. Try to do more community volunteer work. In that vein, I will contact the local Dunkin’ Donuts to see if they need help in their bakery section.

9. Try to cut down on the inordinate amount of time I spend on Facebook by using it only during the times when I am not napping.

10. Keep up my tradition of never boring my loyal readers with those annoying “Top Ten” lists.