I have discovered a previously undiscovered post about being discovered…..

Margie over at Fueled by Chocolate  just posted an article about a club she is starting in Canada. It’s called the “Undiscovered Club” and has a very exclusive membership.

You may remember that a club called “Never Been Freshly Pressed” existed when WordPress had a special section of featured posts called Freshly Pressed. Margie was the creator of this club and served as President with distinction until WordPress, obviously feeling slighted and demeaned by this successful enterprise, retaliated by Freshly Pressing one of her posts.  I was proud to take up the mantle of President of the NBFP Club after Margie was so ignominiously forced into retirement by this callous treatment.

Our club carried on the tradition of NBFP exclusivity for all those of us who were continually passed over, in spite of the clever, witty and riveting posts we made at every turn. So what did the conniving, hating and dictatorial editors at WordPress do next?  In their typical impertinent fashion, they discontinued FP without any fanfare. In its place, “Discover” was born.  By using this term, they want you to think that by being “discovered” by them, out of 56 million posts each day, will lead to literary fame with possible movie rights to follow. I’m not fooled by semantics and I know you are not either. With 56 million daily posts it’s still just a matter of them throwing darts as their so-called exalted selection process.

Hence the new club “Undiscovered.” No soul-crushing lack of acknowledgment here, no “waiting for the phone to ring” anticipation of being discovered only to be stomped flat by the evil of editors of WordPress who are, as I write this, no doubt hoisting a beer and laughing at your insecurity. With the Undiscovered Club you are guaranteed continued membership with every post.

Margie has graciously asked me to accept the Presidency of the American Chapter of the Undiscovered Club which I humbly accept. I’ll be forming a cabinet soon so please comment with your qualifications for office. (Hint: the only qualification necessary is posts unrecognized by Discover.) In the meantime, should you be so unfortunate as to be ‘discovered” by WordPress, please accept my condolences, but take heart, there’s always Blogger.com.

P.S. As further enticement for joining, you may add this badge of honor* to your posts henceforth. Our motto: “Be proud, be undiscovered!”


*Thanks, Margie