Top ten things I have learned since the quarantine…so far.

1, Singing the Alphabet song to help time washing my hands for twenty seconds really pleases my inner child.

2, Our city garbage collection department has a per customer maximum on the number of empty wine bottles it will pick up each week.

3. My uncut and tousled hair in the morningĀ  could make you mistake me for Albert Einstein. Until you asked me to explain the Theory of Relativity, that is.

4. Eating more calories per day than you burn causes weight gain. Who knew?

5, I used to think I would never live long enough to watch every movie offered on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I was wrong.

6. My dogs are actually more interesting than me. Quite a bit.

7. Anti-social behavior used to be considered one of my negative characteristics. Turns out I was just way ahead of my time.

8. Walking into a jewelry store just to have a watch battery replaced wearing a mask, dark sunglasses, a hat and sweats causes much consternation.

9. I’ve gotten quite adept at difficult jigsaw puzzles. I’m thinking of turning pro when this is over.

10. The time between my getting up in the morning until my nap and from the nap to going to bed at night is exactly the same, five hours each.