You be the judge……..

OK. I need your opinion here on a vital security issue. Here’s the scenario: We were leaving for a long weekend. We would be trading houses with good friends in Charlottesville. We were going there to visit our granddaughters while our friends were going to enjoy some beach time here. At issue was where to leave them the key to the house. Patty wisely left this up to me.

It would only be  a couple of hours after we left before our house guests arrived. It would be broad daylight. However, I am super conscious when it comes to security. I decided that the best place would be under a rock. But here’s where my ingenious mind comes into play. Part of our landscaping is a rock garden along the front of the house. I picked a fairly conspicuous rock about 3-4 feet in from the walk. Under cover of darkness, I placed the key under the rock. The code breakers in Bletchley Park in Britain would not have been able to find this key. I then called our friends with the description. It went like this: “it’s a darker, triangular-shaped rock with white speckles and a chip in it about a yard of so in from the walk.”

About halfway on our drive, I told my wife about my cryptic choice, all the while trying to tone down the braggadocio. She was horrified. “Why are you making them go on a treasure hunt?”, she cried out.  “Why didn’t you leave it under the mat on the front porch?”, she continued, still with a look of disbelief on her face. “Because someone might have been casing our house for weeks just waiting for the time we would pack the car and drive off”, I replied in my usual calm, logical and coherent manner. “That’s the first place they would look.”I added. “But our friends will be there in a couple of hours!” she exclaimed. “A pro could empty the entire house in two hours”, I quickly retorted. She acquiesced, finally having seen the wizardry in my plan, I assume.

I invite you to look at the pictures below and see if you can pick out the rock.

Can you spot the rock?

How about now?



Now choose one of the statements below to describe how you view this situation.

1. Sheer genius, Big Al. Why are you not head of the CIA? (Did I mention you will be handsomely rewarded for choosing this one?)

2. Great idea, Al. What’s your address and when will you be going to see the kiddies again?

3. Although I see the merit of your idea, I am a woman and I am siding with your wife anyway. Duh.

4. Another typical clueless male, always making life more complicated than it has to be. Your poor wife.

5. The degree of dumbness of hiding a key in a rock garden is exceeded only by the number of rocks in your head.

6. Only a certifiable idiot would post to over 400,000 people where he hides the key to his house!

Just so you know, they found the key with no problem. Now aren’t you sorry you chose 3-6?