This just in………at long last, women can be just like men.

Technology, ya gotta love it. The latest in footwear creates a level playing field for women when it comes to a sense of direction.

For eons, men have been far advanced over women in finding their way around the world without ever having to ask for directions. Safe to say, no man was ever lost, he just occasionally took a bit longer to get somewhere.

For those same eons, before the advent of GPS, women have willingly relied on directions from complicated charts and maps or worse yet, complete strangers; this merely to get from a simple point A to a ridiculously manageable point B. In fact, even with a dependable man in the car with the inherent, infallible directional capabilities of a purebred bloodhound, a woman would favor a map, which was probably outdated, over the natural instincts of the male of the species.


Enter, Lechal shoes, the Blue-tooth enabled footwear that will synchronize with your smart phone and vibrate to tell you when and where to turn as you are trying to find a new destination. Yes, capitalizing on Google maps for phones, combined with women’s complete trust in vibrating devices, the manufacturer has developed a software system which cues the right or left shoe to vibrate to head you in the right direction as you plod along. Now women will enjoy the same freedom men have relished since time began; taking trips with no compunction for wrong turns.


As for me, I think I’ll pass. I’ve always followed the advice of that great sage and astute observer of life, Yogi Berra, who opined; “when you come to a fork in the road, take it!”