A tribute in poem to our nation’s upcoming birthday……..







It’s so compelling it bears retelling, this time when men with visions,
Could look ahead, less fear and dread, and take on great decisions.

A land so young from which was wrung, through sweat and innovation
A society of high pedigree, indeed, a burgeoning nation

With heated speech did they impeach, the monarchy’s oppression
And took a chance with resolute stance, to engender our secession

With some concern they did discern, the risk of looming strife
But noble cause did give them pause, to discount their own life

For liberty, at no small fee, was paramount to them
So with no hedge they made their pledge, the document a gem.

A declaration of separation, “Independence” it was called
When word did reach about this breach, the King was much appalled.

The war was nigh and tempers high, much carnage it would spell
But the British learned as the battles turned, of passion they n’er could quell

Freedom’s privation was motivation, that in the patriots burned
And so its flame at once became, how liberty was earned

We demonstrate and celebrate, our founding fathers praise
The Fourth of July our rallying cry, the most honored of all days!

Al Hood – July,2011

(Photos from Google Images)