My New Year’s post……

Like most of you, there are times when ideas and words for a blog just don’t come to me. That’s especially true during that lazy period between Christmas and New Year when everything seems to slow to a crawl. But as they say, out of sight, out of mind, so it’s important to blog even if there is nothing to blog about.

What generally happens to me is, in order to make it appear like it’s a bona fide blog, I will write long drawn out sentences just to fill up the page even though there is nothing in the sentence that is revealing or even or any interest to my readers, but they don’t realize that until after they have wasted several minutes reading not realizing until the end that there was nothing of value in any of the words or phrases that I used in composing the sentence, which is the main reason that I have written it.

That’s just one of the tricks I use to publish a blog. Another is to repeat things, which helps fill up the page as well. Repeating things always helps to make a blog seem longer. By repeating things, I can pretty much make up a whole paragraph which lengthens the blog. If I didn’t repeat things, the blog would not be long enough. Therefore, repeating things in a different way helps me write the blog. Just to summarize, repeating things is helpful if you want to make a blog longer.

And, of course, there is always the old “link” flim-flam which tells the reader to click on a link to the writer’s other blog posts to give them the illusion there is worthwhile material in the other posts, which of course there rarely is but they don’t know that until they get to the other post and start reading it only to find out that it wasn’t really worth clicking on that link because the other post wasn’t that good either or if you don’t believe me just click here. Really, if you don’t believe me, click here. Clicking here will convince you for sure.

Well, that pretty much explains what I do when I can’t come up with a creative blog. I probably shouldn’t have given out my secrets because I sure wouldn’t want to have to read a blog like that, would you?