Caucuses and other injustices…..

Sometimes I just sit and think. It’s not a pretty thing. I think about things that are cock-eyed. There’s really quite a number of things that are cock-eyed.

For example, the Iowa caucuses. Unless I’m misinformed, the organizers of the caucuses knew about 4 years ago that they would be doing this again this year. Yet this past Monday was a lesson in how not to caucus. Some precinct caucus votes are totally lost. And when 6 precincts are so close they are decided by a coin flip, a serious problem lies therein. Even the NFL, one of the most cock-eyed organizations in existence, has a better tie-breaking system than the Iowa caucuses. More on them later.

Immigration. There are laws about immigration on the books. There is a system whereby a person of foreign extract can apply to be an American citizen. Yet immigrants, and now “refugees”, can flood the country almost at will. The only talk is about “compassion” and being an open society. There is little or no talk about the actual laws governing this. It’s like there aren’t any. If it’s OK to ignore one law, why not others? Why do we have to pay attention to traffic lights and speed limits? Shouldn’t people in a compassionate and open society be able to go wherever they want, whenever they want, as fast as they want?

Term limits. How is it that a person can be a congressman or senator forever? Does anyone believe for a minute that this system doesn’t lead to corruption? We woke up to this during FDR’s attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court and passed an amendment for presidential term limits. Yet congressional members have no such restrictions to curb their excesses. In fact, we encourage it by providing lucrative retirement plans for when they do leave office. Furthermore, they can vote a raise for themselves. Can you vote a raise for yourself? Think of the absurdity of that.

Double standards. Some of the laws passed by congress that we must obey, they are exempt from themselves, the most recent being certain provisions of Obamacare. Does “one law for thee and one law for me” sound like justice to you? Why is this OK with everyone?

Now back to the National Football League. This travesty of fines and punishment is well documented. A well-known all-pro running back physically assaults his wife and knocks her unconscious. It is recorded on tape. He is originally suspended for two games. A well-known quarterback allegedly deflates the game footballs so he can throw them better. He is suspended for four games (later overturned). This is just the one example on cock-eyed rulings by the NFL commissioner. I won’t bore you with the others.

Concussions. There is a groundswell of concern now about the concussion problem in football. This is good. There is hard evidence that the abundance of concussions or near concussions accidentally suffered by football players during their playing lives causes a brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. It is very serious. But here’s my problem. Have you even once heard about this complaint in the world of boxing? In boxing, the whole idea is to intentionally give someone’s head such a jar that it renders them unconscious. It’s called a knockout. The more you have knocked your opponents out, the more famous you are. You are revered by the boxing world for causing more brain disease in people than the other guys. Where is the outrage on this?

And finally, O.J. Simpson. He kills his wife and a friend. The evidence against him is overwhelming. He then runs from the law. He is captured and put on trial. He is found innocent. Luckiest man in the world, right? He then proceeds to get arrested a few years later for an armed robbery that he didn’t really commit. He was only getting back some memorabilia that someone had stolen from him. We know this because he said so. He is convicted anyway and is serving a 9 to 33 year sentence. He told us he was “110% not guilty” of killing Nicole and turns out he was right. But we don’t believe him when he says he didn’t really do the robbery? That’s cock-eyed.