No, it’s not instinct, dogs can tell time….

I don’t believe for a second that dogs have “instinct” about what time of day it is. No, I’m telling you, dogs can read clocks.

How do I know this? I thought you’d never ask. I know this because our dogs get me up at exactly 6:00am every morning to go out.  When I come back to bed, they start pawing at me at incisively at 7:15am for breakfast. They start staring and whining at us at 5:00pm, on the nose, every evening for dinner. Then at precisely 8:00pm, I get that “go get the leashes, we’re ready for our walk look.

I mean, if it were instinct, it would be “around” 6:00 or 7:15 or 5:00 or 8:00. But there are no 5:55s or 6:02s or 7:16s or 5:05s or 7:59s. They’re dead on the dot, time wise. Heck, the people who keep the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado should call me whenever they need to calibrate their clock.

I always felt that instinct was an over-rated sense.

Can you tell what time it is from this picture?