A very moving experience…..

It’s hard for me to actually be serious when I’m writing a blog, but I will make an exception in this case. Those of you who read my last blog were asking about our upcoming move. If you didn’t read it, you may have been wondering why I haven’t been posting more lately.

In a few weeks we will be moving from here in Charlottesville to Virginia Beach. We have decided to move into the house that Patty’s parents owned and lived in for many years before they passed on. It has been rented out for several years but permanent rental resulted in the house being abused and misused. It was completely renovated a few years ago and since has only been rented to friends as a vacation getaway. Anyway, we are going to retire there and enjoy the beach life. One big plus is that the house is mortgage free, so financially it is a better situation for us.

A lot of folks have asked us how we can stand to move away from our granddaughters who are only a few minutes away. Well, they are growing up and now occupy almost all of their time with friends and activities. They used to come over to see us pretty often but that has reduced dramatically. The place in Virginia Beach, only 2 1/2 hours away, has a nice private beach only one block from the front door and a canal in the backyard that goes out to a small fresh water lake. We know this will be an enticement for our daughter and granddaughters to visit quite often. We may actually have more quality time with them than we do now.

Also, we have been in an apartment here for the last four years which is starting to close in on us a bit. Patty misses her gardening a lot and I will look forward to not having to walk the dog 4 times a day during the cold winter months. She will have complete run of the backyard, not to mention occasional beach walks.

I will certainly miss the lovely Blue Ridge mountains here in Cville. Hailing from upstate New York and the Adirondacks as I do, I have always been a mountain lover. Patty was a navy brat so she is more accustomed to the beach life. So, we will be content to get our “mountain fix” whenever we come back to visit the girls. As for the blog title, I will keep it, although I technically will no longer beĀ  a “cvillean”. But no sense confusing both of us with a new moniker.

So, for the next few weeks we’ll continue packing and running things back and forth from the beach. The actual move is June 7th and the movers will move us in on the 8th.

Well, that’s my excuse for fewer than normal posts. It’s really more due to writer’s block, but since I have this other thing going on I will use it. If you are interested, the slide show at the end of this blog will give you an idea of where we are going to live. Included are pictures of some of the different heron species and other wildlife that let us share the backyard with them. It’s not very far from the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Our beach is actually on the bay, not the Atlantic Ocean that most people associate with Virginia Beach.

One side note, we will now be spending some time with our new friends Susan Okaty of the blog Coming East and her husband George, who also live in Virginia Beach. We have already gotten together a couple of times and look forward to developing our new friendship further. Also, Patty’s sister lives on the other side of the lake so there will be plenty of family time as well.

Anyway, if you’re ever in the area and happen to see a grizzled old guy with a metal detector combing the beach, take a minute and say hey to your old pal, Al.

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