Big Al’s 10 immutable laws for dogs…..

1. The food is always yummier in the other dog’s bowl.

2. No matter what size your bed is, a dog will always lay in the exact geographical center.

3. That same dog will always lay perpendicular to the length of the bed.

4. The length of time it lakes a dog to poop is directly proportional to the unpleasantness of the weather.

5. The amount of dirt a dog will get into is inversely proportional to the amount of time since their last bath.

6. A dog will always roll in something nasty 5 minutes before company arrives.

7. Five minutes before that company leaves, a dog will drag out your dirty underwear.

8. A game of fetch is never over. Ever.

9. No matter how many chew toys you buy for your dog, your newest shoes will always be their favorite.

10. Just when you get a dog to settle in for the night, you will accidentally step on one of their squeaky toys.