Ode to a perfect morning…..

Today, it was just one of those mornings. Awakened early by the two canines who let us inhabit their house, I arose, grumbled momentarily and stumbled into the kitchen. One look outside let me know that they must have has a sense that this was a morning not to be missed. I fed them quickly, brewed a cup of java and went out with them to sit on our dock, still in my pajamas.

What happened next had me transfixed. We were treated to the day’s opening act….and it was a smash hit. So enraptured was I, that I knew simple prose would not capture the feeling. So here again is my attempt to tranquilize you with verse. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed the inspiration.

The morning sun, shows night is done
As treetops start to glow,
With stifled yawn, I welcome dawn
And nature’s opening show.

Pines so tall, they must enthrall
And soften hardened hearts,
Herons fly, the earth defy
A perfect morning starts.

With sun as guide, the shadows hide
The nectar of the dew,
But birds prevail, with bobbing tail
And drink the morning through.

A turtle peeks, as air he seeks
Keeping watch around,
His shell a maze, and as I gaze
He’s gone without a sound.

Up from their snooze, duck families cruise
The ducklings now have size,
And though they swim, they’re still too trim
To navigate the skies.

So now the geese, break up the peace
And rightly take their place
But honk and clatter, doesn’t matter
They still exude their grace.

A zephyr breeze, does make with ease
It’s charming presence felt,
And I aware, without despair
Give thanks for what I’m dealt.

And up above, as if a dove,
A single cloud does stroll
I sit with wonder, cares asunder
Nature owns my soul,

The dogs and I, now bye and bye
Repair to house and hearth,
But be assured, we’ll soon be lured
To next day’s morning birth.

Al Hood
June 2013