Obamacare sign-up incentives….

Some of you know I’m hearing impaired. That’s why blogging is such a good outlet for me. But I still always felt like it was a handicap. Until now. Then this happened. (Read first)

I’m trying to picture just how a conversation might have gone before the California Obamacare exchange realized their mistake. Maybe like this…..

Exchange: “We see you’ve declared you are hearing impaired. Please call 1-888-899-4500, for further instructions.” (Caller dials number)

Caller: “Hello?”

Exchange: “Hi, big boy, call here often?”

Caller: “What?”

Exchange: “C’mon, stud muffin, let’s not play games.”

Caller: “I don’t understand you.”

Exchange: “Well maybe you’ll understand this….” (moans and groans)

Caller: “Are you sick?”

Exchange: “I can be. What did you have in mind?”

Caller: “I’ll need health coverage.”

Exchange: “You’re more likely to need disability coverage when I’m done.”

Caller: “And I want a flexible plan.”

Exchange: “You’re in luck, Tiger. Most guys tell me flexibility is my strong suit.”

Caller: “How much will this cost?”

Exchange: “You’ll get what you pay for. Just like downtown.”

Caller: “Is it true that there are “death panels”?

Exchange: “Oh, you must be referring to our Tuesday 3 on 1 special.”

Caller: “This is a little embarrassing, but does your service plan help with Erectile Dysfunction?”

Exchange: “Does the Pope wear a funny hat?”

Caller: “I understand your service plan includes a government subsidy, right?”

Exchange: “Actually, I think you’re going to get screwed on that too.”

Caller: “OK, thanks. I’m going to tell my wife about how good you were to me.”

Exchange. “Ahh…..kinky. I like that.”