Daily Prompt: Write a review of your life….as if it were a movie or a book.

Keeping in mind that this is just a rough draft, here goes:

He was a beautiful baby boy. People had even used the “second coming” comparison, but then folks in those parts had always been prone to hyperbole. As events would later confirm, they weren’t that far off.

His childhood was less a learning experience for him than a teaching experience to others. Always on the precocious side, his playmates found good fortune in his ability to make those around him better. As adolescence and young adulthood passed, his list of accomplishments grew and not a dissenting voice could be heard when anyone proclaimed genius dwelt within his soul.

Never one to desire the public eye, he was quick to let others take credit for his many discoveries and inventions. It didn’t matter the field, architecture, science, economics, they flocked the world over to seek out his counsel. And he willingly gave it, asking nothing more in return than the satisfaction that came with the betterment of civilization.

As he coalesced into his later years and retirement, he continued to reach out to touch the masses through his thought-provoking yet always droll postings on WordPress. Asked often about what legacy he felt he had left, he modestly replied, “an individual life well-lived by dedication to the profit of others.”

Fortunately, the prompt did not specifically say it could not be a work of fiction.