Thought for Thursday…..a tribute to my best friend.

I lost my best friend this week. My sweet Labrador Retriever, Queen Abigail, succumbed to spinal cancer after a brave fight. Queenie, as she was affectionately known, actually adopted me seven years ago. She just showed up one day and walked straight into my heart. I’ve penned a little poem to her to tell her story and help dispel the sadness I feel. I’d like to share it with you.

Ode to Queen Abigail

With the light at play, on a cool fall day, without a hint of strife
She came around, with a happy bound, and walked into my life.
Without a tag, but tail a wag, she made her presence known
Not content, with another day spent, just wandering alone.

She wouldn’t leave, though I believed, she probably had a home
So a note devised, was advertised, so she’d no longer roam
But no one came, to make a claim, of where she might belong
So I let her stay, and to this day, I know it wasn’t wrong.

Loyal and true, she stuck like glue, n’er a whimper would you hear,
No matter where I put my chair, she’d always be right near.
But subtle nudge and gentle budge, would make me understand
That moment sublime, her dinnertime, was very much at hand.

She’d never balk, when I said walk, it suited her just right
And on the trail, she would not fail, to keep me in her sight.
But as time passed, she couldn’t last, and soon she’d start to lag
And though that sign was not benign, still that tail would wag.

So now she’s gone, and I am drawn, from grief I cannot mention
That I’m not seen, with my sweet Queen, and all her rapt attention.
My sadness wells, and eyelids swell, as memories tell the tale
Of all it meant, that time well spent, with my beloved Abigail.

I miss you Queen Bee.

I miss you Queen Bee.