I’m married to a hoer…..

….. and she loves being involved in all kinds of dirty activities. Wait a minute, get your mind out of the gutter, readers! What kind of followers do I have anyway? Always thinking the worst. Maybe what I should have said is my wife spends more time with her garden hoe than with me.

That’s right. Patty’s a hoer. She’s also a trowler, a digger, a raker, a waterer, a pruner, a weeder, a mulcher, a planter and just about anything else that has to do with gardening and landscaping. Come springtime, gardening and yard work become her passion. As evidenced in the slide show below, I have indisputable evidence.

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Yes, she loves her yard work. But I can’t understand her spending all that time with earthworms when she could be with me 24/7. They’re getting more snuggling time than me! Holy ground dwellers, Batman, did I just admit to being in second place behind non-arthropod invertebrate animals?


In a way it’s great though, because I hate gardening. That’s not to say I don’t engage in my share of yard work. Like using the mower, the edger and the blower. That’s because they involve machinery. Oil, gas, ignitions and switches….you know, all the really cool, manly-man stuff (he said, puffing out what’s left of his chest).

Anyway, thanks for listening. I just had to share that, what with spring now here in all its glory. I’ll leave you with one more picture though. Here she is trimming her bush……..OK people, there you go again! You’re pathetic!