Learning philosophy……at the feet of the masters.

I am no philosopher. But since I took up blogging nearly a year ago, I have enjoyed the company of many bloggers who are. Bloggers who are innately philosophical and provide homespun, humorous schools of thought of great variety.

I am constantly amazed at the writing talents of so many of you. Your witty, perceptive and often droll messages leave me laughing, pondering, and in more cases than not, feeling inadequate. When I took up blogging I felt that I had some natural writing ability that would see me through. I soon learned it takes much more. Some of you reveal more insight in a comment than I do in an entire blog. I feel like a rookie waiting for that call up to the big leagues.

You have shown me that good writing is about experience. And writing  from experience. When I started it was mostly opinion. Now it is mostly feeling and recollection. You taught me that. As I put it to one blogger, I feel like I have mentors and friends that I haven’t even met.

It’s been fun getting to know you. Learning about the funny things that have happened in your life, and in a few instances, sharing the sadness of your disappointments and difficulties. Thanks for letting me join your elite group.

As French philosopher Rene’ Descartes might have said, were he alive today: “I blog, therefore I am.”






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