Midday in the Garden of Good and Evil………

OK. So I took literary license with the book and movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” So sue me WordPress. My point is, Savannah isn’t privy to the only garden of good and evil, because I pass another one almost every day.

Here in Virginia Beach, there is a walking trail which stretches 6.1 miles along Broad Bay and through First Landing State Park. (As an aside, First Landing State Park is so named because it is where the Jamestown settlers first set foot in America before they made their way into Chesapeake Bay and up the James River to Jamestown.) As the trail finally exits the park it continues further through some residential areas. It is here where the mysterious garden looms.


While this part of the trail is also picturesque with overhanging live oaks and well manicured lawns and lovely houses, it is also home to a house with a dense flower and vegetable garden and an impressive array of scarecrows. As you look at the picture above you must be wondering what I am referring to. However, left center is a bigger-than-life Spider-Man, dead center is a bigger-than-death skeleton, while right center is a mermaid of sizable proportions. See them? If you click on the picture a couple of times, you will see them start to materialize. Can you see Spider-Man’s leg? Worry not, he’ll show up again.

As this is one of my favorite walking places, I pass by without much thought to the strange figures that inhabit this innocuous looking garden. But it finally occurred to me that the uniqueness of these creatures should be shared on the blog. Most all walkers stop to gawk on their first time encounter.

Below are close-ups to give you a better idea. The owners are often out tending to things, but I’m afraid to approach them…..you know, voodoo and all that…..







Oh, and by the way, I see birds and squirrels in there all the time. I don’t think they have seen those horror movies yet.