What I learned on my summer vacation…..by Alfie Hood

They say you’re never too old to learn. I believe that. We had our youngest granddaughter, 12-year old Colette, with us for a few weeks. For the last part of that, her friend from school, 12-year old Arianna, came to stay too. Both delightful girls. It was fun.

But you can learn a lot living with pre-teens. I’d like to recount just a few of the many things I have learned during this encounter.

1. The healthy breakfast of choice is pop-tarts.

2. Our refrigerator can hold nearly two-thirds of the entire inventory of a Kroger supermarket.

3. Ice cream is now a food group unto itself.

4. A few hours at the beach, followed by a bike ride, followed by shopping and then a couple of hours at the pool is not exhausting. It’s called warming up for the rest of the day.

5. No two kids ever like a sandwich fixed the same way.

6. I used to think I had an adequate grasp of today’s technology. I now realize that I am actually quite clueless.

7. Going to the zoo and aquarium is not to learn about animal life. It’s an opportunity for hundreds of “selfies.”

8. Morning light to nighttime in the summer may only be 15 hours, but it feels like 40.

9. Pizza delivery is the best thing since….well, sliced pizza.

10. There are at least 22 different ways that a 12-year old girl can style her hair.

11. I love naps.