Thinking Outside the Box…….

Those of my readers who are enjoying the “golden years” with me will certainly be able to identify with this particular weekly ritual that tests the limits of my somewhat well-used memory.

I’m talking about that time of the week when I have to refill my pill reminder box. Prescription medicines, vitamins and supplements abound. Forget the  Rubik’s Cubes. Forget the New York Times crosswords puzzles. This is the most daunting memory challenge I will face each week.

Perhaps it would be best if I let you inside my head for a moment as I take on this intimidating rite.

Here we go.


“OK, let’s see, I know that I have six pills to take in morning and seven pills for the evening ….wait… or is it seven morning and six evening?  Hmmmm.  Maybe if I start filling the morning cells it will come to me. Now which one did the doctor say would be more therapeutic to take in the morning? Oh yes, that little white one. That’s right and all the clear ones I take in the morning too. Except that one that works better taken in the evening, I think.”

“Now all the bigger ones I take only in the evening, not counting the one that I have to take both morning and night.  Oh yeah, don’t forget the brown one that absolutely must be taken in the evening to be effective. And remember not to drink grape juice for twelve hours after taking it.”

“The one that I take three times a day I’ll just have to put in a separate bottle by the pill-box and hope I remember. Thank goodness I only have to take that for five weeks….or is it six?”

“As I recall, I should not put the daily aspirin in with the green pill because it will offset the effect of that pill. Which reminds me, the two oblong pills need to be taken at separate times or they could damage my kidneys. Darn, just thought, I forgot to make an appointment for that blood test to see if the pink one is affecting my liver. Now which one is that pill that helps me remember to fill the pill box?……oh, here it is.”

“Good, almost done. I’ll just open this morning’s cell and turn it over to dispense the pills …….damn! Forgot to snap the other cells shut!”

“Honey, I’m going to be running late for our walk this morning, go ahead I’ll catch up.”