Just in…..Blog “thecvillean” garners yet another award……..

Following up on its award last year for “Worst new blog of 2010”, thecvillean achieved another milestone today by being named “Worst blog of 2011” by the Society Overseeing Blogs, a watchdog group more commonly known by its acronym, SOB.

“Thank you, you don’t like me, you really don’t like me!”

Citing thecvillean’s continued affront to literates the world over, the SOB announced this year’s winner was a unanimous choice.  At a press conference the SOB spokesman stated: “Our job in deciding this award used to be very difficult.  Now, since thecvillean came on the scene, we can pretty much just mail it in.”

For his part, thecvilleans author, Big Al,  did not appear disheartened and even seemed pleased by the news. At his impromptu interview, Big Al opined: that SOB just made my day! Before I started blogging last year, I had never won anything. Now I have two writing awards to my credit. I really want to thank that SOB again.

Asked if he intended to continue blogging in light of the somewhat cool reception from the SOB, Big Al responded: “absolutely, the worst is yet to come!

Big Al arriving to accept his award.