“You’re a nice looking bird. Shag, maybe?”

No, I’m not taking dialogue from an Austin Powers movie. I’m talking about the actual bird. We get several species of waterfowl in our backyard on a daily basis. But it’s not often we get visited by Shags, or as they’re more commonly know, Cormorants. This one decided our place was as good as any to dry out its feathers on a cool but sunny day.

Quite content to let me share the moment, she looked less interested in what I was doing than where her next meal was coming from. I couldn’t help but see the similarity to a penguin as she (or maybe he) modeled for my camera. You know there are two species of penguins don’t you? Black ones and white ones. Here’s how you tell the difference. The white ones will always walk toward you and the black ones will always walk away from you. My wife is sooooo tired of that joke.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested.

Yeah, baby!