Nook or Cranny?….You Be the Judge

As I was fixing my go-to breakfast the other morning, Thomas’ English Muffins, I pondered about their advertising catchphrase “with lots more nooks and crannies”. I thought, what exactly is a nook or a cranny anyway? Looking at the photo above how, can you tell which is which? Aren’t they all pretty much just pits or holes? I guess their marketing people didn’t think the phrase “lots of pits and holes ” would be as appealing to the public.

It also made me think back to when my son was growing up. He has always been pretty much a literalist. He hated gray areas and any object had to be specifically defined. Being very inquisitive as well, I would constantly be barraged with questions like “Is that a brook or a creek?” or “Is that a branch of a limb?” or “Is that a forest or woods?” or “Is that a hill or a mountain?” or “Is that a street or a road?” or “Is that a field or a meadow?” or “Is that a rock or a stone?” And on and on and on. Sadly, during those ancient times there was no Google or Siri or Wikipedia to bail me out. Nowadays, a few simple taps on his phone quickly reveal the answers.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand,

A Limerick

My mouth, I was ready to stuff in

What I thought was a good English muffin

Then I took a good look

And saw nary a nook

And declared, “there’s just not enough in!”


I then started to look for a cranny

But finding none thought it uncanny

With no crannies or nooks

It must be the cooks

Were not English, but West Pakistani.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed my story. Or was it a tale? Hmmmm….