When all else fails….plagiarize!

Today, I found out through Lorna’s Voice that Darla at She’s a Maineiac was posting a questionnaire for other bloggers to answer. Being of sound (but empty) mind for blogging ideas, I just toddled over there to partake. If this turns out to be my worst blog ever (an honor that’s sure to last only until my next post), you may blame both Lorna and Darla. What were they thinking? Anyway, here goes:

1. Why in the hell do you blog?

a. Why in the hell not?

2. How did you discover blogging? What was your initial impression?

a. I was really interested in finding out about logging, but made a typo on my Wikipedia entry. My initial impression? Wow, someone with zero writing talent like me can still get published! Cool!  And my initials are VAH, since you asked.

3. Were you shy and withdrawn as a child or gregarious?

a. My parents wanted to withdraw me, but back then infanticide was still illegal.

4. What does gregarious mean?

a. It’s a sea catfish named after a famous golfer.

5. How close is your blogging persona to the real you?

a. He sleeps with me every night. (please don’t tell my wife).

6. How has blogging changed your life?

a. Aha, trick question, eh? Everyone knows bloggers don’t have lives.

7. Do you consider yourself a writer?

a. See my header quote.

8. Do you prefer to write then edit, edit, edit or just throw up a page and be done with it?

a. I edit, edit, edit but my readers still throw up.

9. How confident are you after you hit that dreaded “Publish” button?

a. I’m pretty confident that my stats won’t change.

10. Have you ever regretted something you’ve written.

a. That confession. Fortunately, the judge threw it out on a technicality.

11. Have you ever been 100% satisfied with something you’ve written.

a. I was pretty smug about that absence excuse I wrote once in 6th grade. Even my mother didn’t realize it wasn’t her hand-writing.

12. When you write, do you have a certain audience in mind?

a. I want to be sure to appeal to all my followers. They both seem to appreciate that.

13. What will you never, ever, ever, like totally never write about and why not?

a. My true identity. My Witness Protection agreement forbids it.

14. Could you write a post for me?

a. No, but I could draw one.