>Forget baseball – America has a new pasttime


It’s called Road Rage! I just finished a 1500 mile trip through New England. I didn’t fly but I still kissed the ground when I got home. There’s nothing like a long road trip to remind you that there are many, many really crazy people out there with a one ton weapon at their disposal.

I actually had to stop and check the back of my car to make sure some prankster didn’t put a “please run me off the road” sign on my bumper. I mean, I’m not responsible for pot holes, road construction, speed limits, radar traps or any other highway problem another driver might have. Why do they want to take out their frustration on me? Oh, and for those of you who read my other posts, I didn’t once leave my blinker on for an extended time.

We’ve all seen him. The dreaded “weaver”.  I had drivers who apparently thought I was out to ruin their whole day pass and cut in front of me with mere inches to spare. There’s little I can do at that point but I will not give them the satisfaction of honking at them afterward. That would acknowledge that they had accomplished something. And of course, if they are crazy enough to drive like that, they are probably also crazy enough to have a loaded AK-47 on the front seat with them. As the man said, “discretion is the better part of valor”. Anyway, there are other ways of getting even with those miscreants.

Well, I”ve got to end this post. I have to go outside to try to get the blood off my front bumper. Drive safely!