>Challenging word problem for the politically correct….


Part A: Definitions

1. Suspect: A person who is suspected of committing an act, usually a crime.

2. Perpetrator: A person who has carried out or committed an act, usually a crime.

Part B: Quiz

Jared Loughner of Tucson, Arizona is the (suspect/perpetrator) of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords.
(Circle the correct answer)

If you got this wrong, even after a 50% chance of guessing it, you are politically correct and could work for most any newspaper or news show in America.

If you still don’t know the answer, here it is. Jared is the PERPETRATOR. He is not a suspect. He is not a “person of interest”. He is the perpetrator. The other person they are looking for is a suspect. He is a “person of interest”. Jared is the perpetrator. OK let’s review. A person who carries out or commits an act that is a crime is what? That’s right, a perpetrator. Jared shot 20 people in front of hundreds of others, therefore he is a what again? PERPETRATOR. Very good.

Extra credit: Does the fact that Jared is actually a perpetrator and not a suspect affect his constitutional right to legal representation and due process?

If you answered no, congratulations, you are starting to understand that you don’t have to be politically correct to administer justice.