Little gravie, won’t you please come home!

Does anyone know if there is a lost and found for gravatars? Mine is most definitely lost. In just the last week or so, when I post a comment on blogs that I follow, my sweet little innocent gravatar (which I affectionately call “gravie”) with it’s smiling faces is replaced by an unfeeling, uncaring generic symbol that only a gravatar mother could love. Why, I don’t even know if the blogger reading the comment realizes that it’s the same old clever, witty and urbane Al that they have always come to expect. It’s disconcerting, as I already have an inferiority complex and this has done nothing to allay my belief that nobody loves me. I worked very hard to create my globally recognized avatar. Did you know that’s what a gravatar is? Apparently WordPress doesn’t, because their spell checker rejects it every time, even though that’s what they call it themselves. So if you see “gravie” wandering aimlessly around the WordPress grounds, please tell it to come home. All is forgiven.

LOST! This globally recognized avatar. Answers to the name of “gravie”. If found, please notify Big Al at A reward is open for negotiation….if you can prove you’re not the one who took it.

LATE DEVELOPMENT: As it turns out, the WordPress Gravatars are linked to your email address. When I changed our email due to our upcoming move, it quit recognizing “gravie”. You may rest easy as little gravie was nestled safely inside my blog all along. Gravie will soon be making appearances again at a blogsite near you.