These are the kinds of things that give storks a bad name…..

I am starting a new series (and category) called “Our litigious society”. In this day and age, where people sue and counter sue at the drop of a hat, it seems deserving of its own special place in blog land.  So to start things off in a rousing fashion, I submit the following.

A woman in Ohio is suing an abortion clinic over a botched abortion that resulted in her remaining pregnant and delivering a healthy baby girl. You can read the story to find out the medical reasons she wanted an abortion.


It doesn’t matter which side of the abortion issue you are on, the point is this: when the baby becomes a little girl and asks where babies come from, I guess “the stork brings you” is off the table now.

With today’s emphasis on the value of being completely honest with our children, would the conversation go something like this?:

“Mommy. where did I come from?”

“Well, dear, to tell the truth, you’re not even supposed to be here.”

“Why not, mommy?”

“Well sweetums, you were going to be a problem for me so I tried to have you killed.”

“If I’m not supposed to be here, then how did I get here?”

“Well bumpkins, the doctor who was supposed to kill you made a mistake.”

“I guess I’m pretty lucky to be here then, huh mommy?”

“Yes honey bun, but the doctor has to pay for this terrible mistake, so I am suing him for not killing you.”

“But aren’t you happy I was born?”

“I certainly am doll baby, you are exhibit #1 in my lawsuit!”

And the beat goes on.

18 thoughts on “These are the kinds of things that give storks a bad name…..

  1. I think about blogging about things like this sometimes, and get all wound up about them, but I don’t want all that negativity on my blog! WordPress allows you to have more than one blog, I was thinking of setting up a second one within to express my outrage at the world…. But then I probably won’t. I don’t get enough time to write my posts for the blog I have!!

  2. Too bad she didn’t deliver in Illinois. Thanks to then-Senator Obama and his colleagues bravely standing up for victims of botched abortions in our fair state (meaning adults who end up with a living baby, not the baby who miraculously survived the procedure, if only for a short while) they could just toss it atop a pile of stained sheets in the operating room for a while. With no legal requirement to try to save it, nature takes its course and the intended victim becomes “unalive” all on its own.

  3. Yes, we are a litigious society. I must say, you started off your series with a bang. I can’t wrap my head around this one, then again, approaching something irrational with a rational approach is just, well, not rational… 😐

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