Update: Cancel Culture Still Alive and Well….

If you thought that pettiness was going to take a back seat to the tragic events in Afghanistan, please be dissuaded thereof. According to CBS Sports, the University of Notre Dame leprechaun mascot is officially offensive. And, in keeping with the new “minority rules” credo of the community of the woke, even if only a few are offended, it must go. Sorry, if you were planning on chasing the end of the next rainbow you see, there will no longer be a leprechaun there guarding your pot of gold.

The woke crowd is active and at it once more

St. Patrick’s own icon is now who they abhor

The man with the shamrock is taking his licks

From those pretentious, annoying, new Bolsheviks.

The poor Leprechaun is lined up in their sights

“He’s terribly  offensive and causing us frights.”

He must be cancelled and erased from all thought

A justice deserved for the pain that he’s wrought.”

A harmless character now goes down in flames

Thanks to a group that detracts and defames

Let’s hope a day comes when the pendulum swings

And puts a fit end to these ludicrous things.

Pixie, we hardly knew ye…