My newest cruel addiction… or to put it more precisely… uel est add new ion cr my ict.

When you finally reach retirement age, when it comes to the mind, it’s a matter of “use it or lose it.” That’s why experts suggest doing puzzles and brainteasers to keep the mind sharp. What they don’t tell you is how addicting they can become.

Almost two years ago to the day, I confessed an addiction to a game called Jumble. I’m sorry to report that not only am I still addicted, but there is now another game that takes up the other 50% of my every waking moment. It’s called 7 Little Words.

7 words

It’s like a combination of a ssw zle cro ord puz and rd rch sea wo. The ea id is to nd fi and put get to her the rts pa of a word that fits the ion de nit fi of the clues.

Just like my other addiction, it is ting me fri cos ends and I am in eat ed gr ne of a st pi ra the. Again, I beg of you, does ne an yo know of a up po sup rt gro?

P.S. I ink th so is al th broke the ess rd pr ck wo che sp er ell.