Time to dispel a myth………


OK, I’ve heard enough. Time and time again I hear women talking about how men these days are not goal oriented or don’t have any direction in life.

Possibly, but to be fair, one has to consider this: since feminism and the push for equality of the sexes arrived on the scene, we men have had a bit of problem defining our role in all this. If we act like gentlemen and open doors and compliment women on their looks, we’re sexist. If we ignore them and do our own guy thing without concern for them, we’re “Neanderthals.” If we criticize them, or suggest we might be able to do something better, we’re misogynists.

But I submit there is no foundation for this attitude that men are not serious anymore and are interested only in frivolous things. Men are the very quintessence of drive and creativity. We have elevated the idea of teamwork and accomplishment to an art form. Witness the beauty and inventiveness of these nine industrious men at this link and then tell me if you still think men have “lost their way”!