A year in review……..

You see, there’s this fellow named Hood
Who wondered if maybe he should
Write a limerick he shared
How in ’14 he fared
Then finally decided he would.

Now the year was kind to this lad
Scant few of his moments were bad
Good times galore
Was what he had in store
And for this he was happy and glad.

The fact he’d be getting more lean
Was one thing he hadn’t foreseen
And in spite of the wine
His health was just fine
In the year of twenty-fourteen.

When his dog died he lost his best friend
But he knew this grief he’d transcend
He got a new pup
To keep spirits up
So it’s worked out okay in the end.

His good fortune continues to thrive
Anything better he couldn’t derive
His family has flourished
Which keeps his soul nourished
He’s so thankful to still be alive.

So with this message in rhyme
Which I write at this juncture in time
I wish all you the best
And whatever your quest
May your New Year be truly sublime!