It’s not political correctness….it’s just plain old common courtesy.

Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows that Presidential candidate Donald Trump has declared all-out war on political correctness. Nowhere is this more evident than the brouhaha over immigration. No matter where you stand on him or this issue, here are some facts. Congress long ago passed laws regarding people desiring to enter and live in this country. Therefore there is a legal way to do it. It has been that way for decades and decades. Does anyone remember Ellis Island? Anyway, there is a visa system and a route whereby people can attain full-fledged citizenship. In fact, there are several very moving ceremonies conducted around the country every July 4th to welcome these hard-working souls into our fold. There is also a separate government department to oversee this called the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

It stand to reason then that those who come into the country without adhering to these rules and policies are doing so “illegally.” But in the past several years, much has been said about revising these laws and along with that, revising the language surrounding this whole mess. Instead of calling these interlopers, “illegal aliens” we should be referring to them as “undocumented migrants”, or “undocumented workers”, or “undocumented guests”, etc.

That being the case and in the interest of furthering this euphemistic approach to this problem, we need to take this a step further so that no undocumented person, no matter what his moral code, has to bear the stain of a more offensive term. For that reason, and since there is obviously some criminal element among them, as there is with every segment of society, we should also be working on more tolerant language for the more unsavory of the group. Fear not, for I have taken it upon myself to do this. Here are my suggestions:

If an undocumented migrant is also a:          then he/she should be referred to as an:

car thief                                                                  undocumented used car dealer

burglar                                                                    undocumented home inspector

robber                                                                     undocumented wealth transfer adviser

wife beater                                                             undocumented family counselor

personal identity thief                                          undocumented makeover artist

kidnapper                                                               undocumented baby sitter

drug dealer                                                             undocumented pharmacist

rapist                                                                        undocumented sex therapist

murderer                                                                 undocumented doctor of euthanasia

There, I believe that solves the problem of how to “label” our guests until the President and Congress can do more in-depth study and research on how best to resolve this crisis. No guest in our country should be offended or ever have to hear such over-the-top rhetoric as “illegal alien” again.

I live to serve.

30 thoughts on “It’s not political correctness….it’s just plain old common courtesy.

  1. Illegal alien felons currently making up at least 25% of our prison population…should we ccall them undocumenteed goverrnment facility residents?

  2. Hats off to a documented smarty-pants for these great, new terms.

    As others have said, I don’t understand how many make no distinction between immigrants, the backbone and life blood of this country, and ILLEGAL immigrants.

  3. Thanks for doing your part, Al, to make us a kinder, gentler nation. Are you trying to get your hat in the ring to run for President or something?

  4. I had an uncle who was a pharmacist. When he and his wife traveled, he told everyone he was a drug dealer, much to her chagrin. He was definitely a Legal drug dealer.

    Trump is an idiot. I have disliked him for years. Okay, he’s wealthy, but so what? He’s a jerk and if he’s the Republican nominee, I won’t vote for him. I like Carly Fiorina and want to see her debate Hillary.

    PS I see red when people confound legal immigration with illegal migration. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I worked on immigration and foreign born issues forever…. Well, from 1977 when I went to work for Congress until 2006 when I retired from the Census Bureau. You did a good job of describing the process. The sad thing about most people is they really don’t understand it.

  5. And an undocumented blogger? Come on…Al. I’m waiting… 😉

    By the way, the Trumpinator’s mother came from Scotland and his father came from Germany. His real last name was Drumpf until his grandfather changed it to Trump to make it seem more “American.” And the rest, as we unfortunately know, is history. America welcomed the Drumpf’s but the Drumpf’s want to build a big freaking wall to keep out anyone they don’t think is American enough. Me thinks the Drumpf boy was sleeping in history class.

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