Ode to October………

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No doubt about it, October is my favorite month. So much so, that I dedicate myself in verse to the month like no other:

With radiant heat, did summer beat, hail now to our survival;
As blessed time, with aura sublime, announces it’s arrival.

October breaks, and gently makes, occasions cast to savor;
Beauty deep, cool nights to sleep, ’tis nature’s special favor.

Crisp sunny days, now absent haze, distract our vision portal;
While thieves of green, the leaves do preen, judging them not immortal.

With resplendent vibe, landscapes ascribe, scenes that do astound;
Now souls awake, by vistas’ sake, soon accolades abound.

It spawns long walks and intimate talks, and worries start to ease;
As we draw nearer, who are dearer, and memories that please.

There’s outdoor jousts, and then we’re doused, with little gremlins knocking;
Trick or treat, they oft repeat, robed in dress quite shocking.

Give close embrace, it’s fleeting grace, this beauteous month October;
It cannot stay, but soon gives way, to season far more sober.

So relish now, and hence avow, this time so pure and airy;
Which thus, alas, must always pass, though long we wish it tarry.


Al Hood – October 2011