It’s important to stay the “course”……..

Syria. It’s the number one topic on everyone’s mind. To bomb or not to bomb, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the hearts of men to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to blow the hell out of Syria for a few days. President Obama is agonizing over this decision even as this keyboard heats up. In fact, let’s listen in on a crucial cabinet meeting, shall we…….

Prez: Chuck, how do you think the vote in Congress is going to go? They must know how serious I am about this. And by the way, have you noticed my new Greg Norman shirt?”

Hagel: “Boy, it’s tough to tell Mr. President. Yeah, looks great on you, and nice shot. I thought sure that ball was going straight into the cup!”

Prez: “Thanks, Chuck, I’ve been working on not rolling my wrist too much on the down swing. And you, John? What’s your take on the Senate resolution?”

Kerry: “Well, I don’t see how anyone could fail to fall for, uh, I mean agree with the logic of my well rehearsed and awesome testimony for lighting up Damascus. By the way, you’re really mastering that new driver, Mr. President. I’ll bet that drive was 350 yards at least.”

Prez: Thanks, John. I think that round with Tiger was just what I needed.  Now back to the crisis in Syria. I can’t think of anything more important for us to be working on and every minute counts.  Damn, I just shanked that six iron. That’s usually my go to club, too. How are the military preparations coming along for the strikes on Syria? Shit, did my ball just roll into a trap?”

Hagel: “The Generals and Admirals are ready, but still wondering what we hope to accomplish, sir, and frankly, I’m a bit puzzled myself. NICE CHIP SHOT Mr. President!”

Prez: “Well, Chuck, just tell them it’s to sway the voters for 2014…er…..uh…wait…. no, tell them it’s to show North Korea that we mean business. John, which way do you think this putt is going to break?”

Kerry: “I think it will go slightly to your left, Mr. President. So, you’re going to blowup a bunch of Syrian civilians to teach Kim Il-sung a lesson, eh? Brilliant! But not as brilliant as that bunker shot you just pulled off, Mr. President.”

Prez: “Thanks, John. Tiger told me to choke down a little more on the shaft. I think that’s really helped. OK. let’s all meet in the oval office tomorrow morning to decide when to launch the missiles. Oh wait. I’ve got a 7:10 AM tee time with David Letterman tomorrow. Go ahead and launch tonight.”

Kerry & Hagel: “You’ve got it sir!  And nice round. Isn’t 115 your best score yet?”