On elections and debates……a poem.

(With apologies to Joyce Kilmer)

I think that I shall never see, an election cycle sad as thee,
Candidates with values lame, and vicious voices bringing shame.

Aspersions cast with no regret, hypocrites both with every threat,
Though enable we our favorite one, by praise that either’s scarcely won.

Oh would the season soon depart, where obfuscation is an art,
And return to valued civil talk, where people actually walk the walk.

History tells us without fail, how one of these evils will prevail,
Though I still long for days of yore, when duels would settle any score.

How easy that would be on us, if both would meet with blunderbuss,
And at ten paces seal their fate, now that’s my kind of true debate!








Al Hood 2016