This just in………….three is no longer a crowd!

In my constant efforts to keep my readers abreast of all things weird, I submit to you this titillating news from Tampa, Florida. A young woman has surgically added a third breast.

Having been turned down by over 50 doctors, she finally found a quack medical professional who would throw ethics and medical malpractice to the wind while totally ignoring the Hippocratic Oath, more specifically, the “first do no harm” part. Yet, in spite of this, the real boob in this story goes unnamed.

Anyway, the 21-year-old woman, Jasmine Tridevil, (and no, I did not make that name up) purports to have made this decision because she didn’t want to date anymore and wanted to be unattractive to men. Seemingly oblivious to what attracts the shallower sex in the first place, she’ll now have even more difficulty accomplishing that goal. Apparently unaware of her choice to “just say no” when asked out on a date, Jasmine instead opted for the $20,000 surgery.

Taking the already suspect plastic surgery part of medicine to new lows, the “doctor” used a silicone implant and skin from her abdomen to fashion this new breast to her already ample bosom. Unfortunately, the “physician” was not able to recreate the nipple. No problem, Jasmine had one tattooed on.

As one might expect, she reports that her parents are ashamed, extremely upset and are no longer speaking to her.  Not wanting your daughter to maim, disfigure and expose herself to public ridicule? Talk about your total lack of open-mindedness.

Further on in the article we find out the real reason for this, money. (Isn’t it always?) Seems Jasmine is having a camera crew follow her around in hopes of having a reality show of her own. Not to be too critical here, but doesn’t this make Honey Boo Boo’s mother look like a candidate for the Pulitzer prize in TV journalism?

This story is sad and reeks of mental health issues . But there you have it. I report, you decide.