>Facebook users are insecure, narcissistic and have low self-esteem.


That was one of the headlines in the Daily Mail, a British newspaper.

I couldn’t believe my big beautiful blue eyes. Do you think I should stop using Facebook? I just can’t make up my mind. I want people to like me. Do you think my Facebook friends make fun of me behind my back? What do you think they say when I post one of my gorgeous pictures? I only want to show them that I’m aging so well. And how do they know these things? Are they spying on me? I couldn’t really blame them because I am pretty important. What would they do without my imparting my knowledge to them? But maybe they think I’m too smart and resent me for it. I’d sure feel bad if that was true. People have always been jealous of me I think. They don’t like me because I’m so good looking. All of the other people on Facebook have more friends than I do. Do you think that’s fair? Maybe if I sent money along with my friend requests I would get more friends. That might work. Oh well, it’s their loss. Am I worrying too much? What do you think I should do?

Anyway, I think that newspaper should do more research before they say something like that. They’re way off base on this one.