Conversations overheard…..

We were dog-sitting our friends’ beagle puppy (Daisy) this weekend. Our Yellow Labrador (Queenie) helped us. I could swear they were talking to each other at times. Perhaps you’d like to listen in.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

"OK, quick quiz youngster, this knot is A. a Granny, or B. a Half-hitch, or C. a Square?"

"Go ahead, punk. Try to take it. Make my day!"

(Whispering) "Queenie, you promise you won't tell another soul?"

"If we just put our heads together we can figure this out!"

"Take a rest Queenie, I got your back."."

"Daisy, I don't think this is what they mean by bringing up the rear."

"Well, you did say you'd keep an eye on me this weekend, didn't you?"

"Daisy, that 2nd molar on the left hurts a little, do see any decay?"

"This is my vicious German Shepherd impression. Pretty good, huh?"

"Oh yeah, wait til you see my Dumbo impression!"

"A little more to the left... a little more.... ahhhh....that's it!"

"So this is what you meant by being at the end of your rope."

"I said, look at me when I'm talking to you!"

"Trust me Daisy, this "head in the mouth of the Lion" trick wows 'em every time!"

Eat your heart out Dr. Doolittle.