Do you want to know what really burns my ass?

A black marble bench.

People that know my politics know that I am a big fan of tort reform. If you want to keep medical costs down, the best way is to limit the ridiculous damage awards that juries regularly dole out to people for frivolous and bloated claims. I know, there are always legitimate cases that deserve large awards but this article will give you a good idea of what I mean. The insurance costs for doctors, hospitals and health care agents in general are a major part of their costs. And as usual, it’s the attorneys that make out most, not the plaintiff.

While the above case involving the marble bench does not involve a medical supplier, it is part and parcel an example of the type of litigious society we inhabit. It’s crazy. Here’s what I or any other reasonable person would have done in that case.

1. First curse, then say, “well that was pretty dumb.”

2. Go to the doctor and have a salve or ointment applied to my dumb ass.

3. Swear the doctor and all witnesses to confidentiality so that no one else finds out what a dumb ass I am.

4. Never sit on a dark marble bench on a hot sunny day ever, ever again.

Folks, in legal jargon, it’s known as implied risk i.e., knowing ahead of time that a certain action on your part involves possible harm.

The father from “That 70s Show” says it best.

Oh well, who knows, maybe the woman wants everybody to know what a hot ass she has. At least she’ll know where to shop from now on.